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Mesotherapy was developed by a French doctor called Michel Pistor in the 1950’s and is a medical technique of injecting small quantities of medication under the skin. Book Consultation

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy was developed by a French doctor called Michel Pistor in the 1950’s and is a medical technique of injecting small quantities of medication under the skin.

Dr Michel Pistor, who in 1952, whilst trying out his theory to treat asthma, managed to improve a deaf man’s hearing. Some experimentation later he discovered mesotherapy had applications in pain relief, headaches, and arthritis. Over the past 50 years or so this procedure has gained worldwide popularity for many uses including stubborn fat pad reduction, cellulite reduction, anti-ageing wrinkle treatments, elimination of double chins and eye lid fat pad reduction. Areas of the body which store excess fat can be easily targeted and bespoke mesotherapy ‘cocktails’ used to block the cells that store fat and break down existing fat cells. The Difference Between Mesotherapy and Microneedling Microneedling and Mesotherapy, although have similarities, are NOT the same medical procedure. Our mesotherapy injects the serum cocktail under the skin to the dermis and is far more advanced, accurate and provides superior results with less recovery time for rejuvenation treatments whereas microneedling works by creating damage to the skin in the hope it repairs itself to a better state than before. Microneedling is rather crude for skin rejuvenation but does have uses treating burns and scars. Find out more about microneedling  We have mastered this technique to administer peptides, growth factors and hyaluronic acid into the skin for skin rejuvenation. Depending on the cocktail of medicines we administer, we can treat hair loss, wrinkles, pigmentation, stretch marks and dark eye circles. Courses of treatments are recommended for optimum results. Hair loss or thinning hair is treated using the natural, healing components of your own blood, this means there is NO surgery required whatsoever! Visit our hair loss page. Does Mesotherapy hurt? This treatment does not hurt much compared to microneedling and other injectable treatments, and only has a slight pricking sensation. As the needle is short and not usually pushed as far deep as where the majority of nerve endings are located. Sometimes a local anaesthetic can be used if you are quite sensitive, but most people can easily tolerate the mild discomfort of the procedure. We use a device that accurately controls the depth and volume injected to minimise pain and increase the efficiency compared to traditional methods of injection. As it is minimally invasive there is no real down time, and any redness usually subsides within a few hours, and you can get back to your normal day immediately making this the perfect ‘lunchtime’ treatment. What treatments can I get done? At Wimblederm we offer mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation, acne, fat and cellulite reduction, hair loss, stretch marks, skin tightening and pigmentation treatments. The magic is in the cocktail that is injected into the skin. We will discuss your skin priorities and decide on a formulation that wroks for you. Our most popular treatments are the facial mesotherapy treatments. We will create a mesotherapy cocktail specific to your skin concerns. We can fade away pigmentation and dark patches, improve aged skin by smoothing wrinkles and tightening loose skin without leaving you with a “something done” look. You’re one step closer to better, healthier skin

Treatment Pricing

We offer a range of finance packages to make treatment affordable for you. Get in touch with us to discuss your options. Consultations are priced at £30

Full Face (Single)


Full Face (course of 6)


Full Face & Neck (Single)


Full Face & Neck (course of 6)


Full Face, neck and Décolleté (Single)


Full Face, neck and Décolleté (course of 6)


Decollete (Single)


Decollete (course of 6)


Hair Thickening (Single)


Hair Thickening (course of 6)


Dark Eye Circles/Puffy Eyes (Single)


Dark Eye Circles/Puffy Eyes (course of 4)

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