Hair loss

Hair Loss Treatments



Thicker, more voluminous hair. Results start to show in as little as 3 months with the maximum possible recovery in 9-12 months – effective in both men and women.

Did you know? 

Half of the men in the world experience hair loss by age 50. About 70% of men will lose hair as they get older and 25% of bald men see first signs of hair loss before age 21.  It is estimated that 8 million women in the UK alone experience hair loss.

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The Consultation

Consultations are essential to ascertain your level of hair loss and to learn more about you and your health in relation to your hair loss.

During the consultation, we will deep dive into

  • your health
  • the history of your thinning hair 
  • family history of alopecia
  • close inspection of your scalp with a microscope
  • we will discuss treatment options and changes you can make to help improve your hair thickness

It is advisable to obtain bring with you any recent blood test results from your doctor and medication lists including herbal or vitamin supplements.

The cost of the consultation is £30

The Hair recovery Treatment

How we provide a truly unique treatment and experience.

When it comes to hair loss, our services consist of cycles of treatments consist of Platelet Rich Plasma, vitamins and Carboxytherapy all administered by almost pain free shallow microinjections. It is this combination of carefully selected treatments that makes our hair loss therapy so effective.

Hair loss or thinning hair is treated using the natural, healing components of your own immune system, this means there is NO surgery required whatsoever!

Each session takes around an hour and there is only a short recovery time. You can resume your normal activity almost straight away. 

Our PRP treatments are also recommended to maintain previously transplanted hair areas of the scalp. 


A cycle of hair loss treatments consist of a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, a vitamin mesotherapy treatment and 2 carboxytherapy treatments plus 3 months supply of hair vitamins. At least 3 cycles over a 9-12 month period are needed in most cases.

PRP treatments involve taking blood from your arm, like a blood test, and separating the blood plasma from the red blood cells. Your blood plasma is then mixed with hair growth vitamins and injected back into the thinning areas of your scalp using tiny, shallow, almost pain free injections.

Vitamin mesotherapy is micro-injecting growth polypeptides and vitamins into the scalp.

Carboxytherapy is shallow injecting medical carbon dioxide at scalp level to increase micro circulation and enriching the scalp with oxygen and nutrient rich blood.  

You're one step closer to better, healthier hair

Treatment Pricing

We offer a range of finance packages to make treatment affordable for you.
Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

One Cycle of Treatment

  • 1 vitamin PRP treatment  (worth £350)
  • Interim hair vitamin mesotherapy or Carboxytherapy treatment (worth £229)

Bundle of three cycles of treatment

  • Most popular
  • 3 bespoke vitamin PRP treatments
  • 3 mesotherapy or Carboxytherapy treatments
  • 90 day supply of hair nutritional supplements

What about a hair Transplant?

Hair transplants have become quite affordable in recent years and even include a trip to Turkey. 
However hair transplants are quite involved and require a long recovery period before hair is restored. I would suggest hair transplants are reserved for when hair loss is rather severe and large bald patches and recession have occurred. In severe hair loss PRP will not make enough of a difference that you will be satisfied with.
If hair loss is recent and hasn’t progressed to large bald areas, PRP is a very good option to restore some lost density and volume.
PRP treatments are also necessary to maintain hair transplanted areas as hair transplants do not remove the original cause of hair loss which will continue to reduce the newly transplanted areas of the scalp. 


PRP vs Hair Transplants


Hair Transplant

For recently thinning hair



For long term bald scalp



For low to medium density hair



For very low density hair



Receding hairline



Surgery required



Pain level of treatment (1=low, 10= high)





3-9 months



At donor site

Risk of infection (1=low, 10= high)



Risk of complications






Suitable for women


Only in exceptional cases


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