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About Us

Wimblederm is the unique culmination of over 2 decades of Mr Bhavash Padhiar's clinical experience working in major hospitals, then owning a very successful NHS pharmacy on Upper Street, Islington, and the multi award winning Amara Spa in Fulham. Specialised medical techniques and methods of accurate application are used to rejuvenate ageing skin and thicken weak receding hair.

-Platelet Rich Plasma is the part of the blood responsible for healing, growth and protection.

-A small amount of blood is taken from the arm, processed and the PRP extracted.

-This is then injected by a relatively painless tiny needle to the scalp or skin where the treatment is desired.



-Quick treatments – Usually takes about an hour.

-The ultimate ‘lunchtime’ treatment.Very little downtime. You are usually able to go back to your daily routine immediately after the session.

-No more pain than having a blood test when taking blood. PRP Injections have been described as ‘comfortable’ and similar to a prickling sensation.

-Very little chance of side effects or reactions.

-Highly effective treatment with excellent success rate.

-Only requires 3-4 sessions a year for treatment and maintenance. Depending on how your skin or scalp responds, the treatments can be reduced to only twice a year.

What makes PRP at Wimblederm different?

We are the only PRP clinic in London that adds a bespoke specific mix of vitamins to your PRP to boost its effectiveness. We call this the vPRP. We also use a specific device to administer the vPRP accurately with volume and more importantly, depth of injection when compared to those who administer by hand. The technique we use to administer the vPRP is also much less painful than injecting by hand. It also injects consistently to the correct depth and delivers the exact quantity of vPRP. We can inject 3-4 times more per area than injecting by hand which greatly reducing gaps in between injection doses, giving a much better and even coverage of vPRP.


Does it hurt?

We perform the treatments at the relaxing and beautiful Lulu Blonde premises in Wimbledon village. The treatment involves taking blood as you would when have a blood test taken at the doctor’s surgery or hospital. Just a ‘scratch’. After that, the next part is the administration of your plasma and vitamins just below the surface of the skin. This isn’t usually deep enough to hit nerve endings or to draw blood. The sensation is usually likened to pins and needles or a prickling sensation.  Any redness is usually very temporary and the skin can feel a little tight but it is not uncomfortable or very noticable to anyone else


How long is a treatment?

Most treatments take about an hour but this could be longer if we are treating large or multiple areas. Initial consultations will add some time too.

Hair Loss

-Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are not suitable for everyone or every type of hair loss type. Does not work on areas where long term baldness has occurred and no follicles are present. We will consult with you and see if our treatments are suitable for you. If you are not suitable we will endeavour to give you as many alternative options available and point you in the right direction.

-Some redness to the areas which usually lasts less than a few hours and can remain for up to 48 hours in some cases. This is quite normal and is the natural reaction of the body to the treatment.

– Very rarely some people experience ‘shock hair loss’ where there is some very temporary hair loss following the treatment. The hair grows back. This is a side effect that has been documented from other treatment centres and is very rare.

Our Services

Grow your own hair back without grafts, transplants or prescription medication. Experts in: Aesthetic PRP, Hair loss, Decollatage, Wrinkles, Volume, Nasolabial folds, Arms, Hands and much more.

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Our Pricing

VPRP Treatment for Skin or Hair


* Treatments consists of cleansing of the scalp or treatment area

* Consultation

* Pictures taken of your scalp or skin area being treated

* Taking of your blood from your arm and processing it

* The vitamin cocktail mixed with your platelets

* Application of the vPRP to the treatment site using the advanced mesotherapy device

* Post injection aftercare