Closing the gap between the youth you feel inside and your reflection in the mirror

Wimblederm Hair and Skin rejuvenation clinic helps you solve your skin and hair loss problems to give you back your confidence.
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Our story and experience

We Are Pursuing & Delivering The Best Possible, Highest Quality care

Wimblederm Hair and Skin rejuvenation is the culmination of over 20 years of clinical pharmacy and medical experience blended with aesthetics and natural rejuvenation. Mr Bhavash Padhiar is a clinical pharmacist since 1997 and has worked in major surgical hospitals in the South East of England.

His experience doesn’t stop there,  he has worked with top consultants in Haematology, orthopaedics, surgery and plastic reconstruction as well as being trusted to manage the Chemotherapy production unit calculating dosages and assembling bespoke sterile chemotherapy in East Surrey for many years.

Bhavash owned and grew the highly successful Clan Pharmacy on Upper Street in Islington, London and then went on to own and develop the multi award winning Amara Spa in Fulham.

Bhavash has extensive understanding of human physiology, dermatology and different skin and hair conditions. This is key to solving the problems of hair loss and natural skin anti ageing.

Our treatments

Skin and Hair Rejuvenation

At Wimblederm we have developed a natural system that utilises your immune system response to reverse the aging of your skin and thicken your hair. Our system is unique and bespoke. We improve the skin and hair’s health at a cellular level rather than a process that sits on the skin, burns the skin to mask aging or to add poisons or chemicals to achieve short term fixes.

Hair Loss

Our hair loss programmes are designed using a combination of natural, healing components of your own blood, this means there is NO surgery required and is almost pain free. DNA hair loss testing too.


We assess your skin to work out the best natural treatment to achieve the optimal health and rejuvenation of your skin.


Treating acne is often a long journey that can take its toll, but our aim is to get you to a place where you’re happy with the way your skin looks.

Scars &
Stretch marks

We use process of different treatments to encourage softening of the scar tissue or stretch marks and then feed the are to encourage healthy looking skin.

skin pigmentation
& dark eye circles

We use a combination of carboxytherapy and anti-oxidant micro injections to repair over producing melanin skin.

Cellulite &
Fat Reduction

With a similar process to skin pigmentation, however we use a multi factoral approach that smooths the skin by diminishing uneven fat cells and orange peel effect of the skin.


Carboxytherapy has been proved to reduce pain from injuries including, arthritis and joint pain.


We offer a range of Medical Practitioner skin care products by Alumier. 

Personal, for you

Our dedicated approach

We prefer to educate and inform on the different treatment available. This allows you to have control over your own decisions.

We’ve put together this simple 2 step process to provide you with everything you need for your treatment journey.


Speak to our dedicated team to book your discovery call with Bhavash, Medical Director – at a time that suits you. He will take you through treatments available to you.


After your consultation and Bhavash has confirmed you’re suitable for treatment, he will commence a detailed programme of care for your condition. 

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