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Hair Loss

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Platelet Rich Plasma treatments for thinning hair – effective in men and women

  • Thicker, more voluminous hair in as little as 3 months – effective in both men and women
  • Hair loss or thinning hair is treated using the natural, healing components of your own blood – NO surgery required
  • Your blood plasma is injected back into the thinning areas of your scalp using tiny, shallow, almost pain free injections
  • Treatments usually take about one hour and are repeated every 8-12 weeks
  • Get back to your daily routine almost immediately – the ultimate ‘lunchtime treatment’ 
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skin consultation
Mr Bhavash Padhiar and professional model and Kate Moss lookalike Denise during a consultation. Bhavash is well trusted to look after the skin of those who need to look picture perfect for their career

Mr Bhavash Padhiar has over 2 decades of clinical experience working with surgeons and consultants at the highest level. He has been working in skin care and aesthetics since 2007. Bhavash is an accomplished aesthetician and is trained in platelet rich plasma treatments, microneedling, skin peels, mesotherapy, laser, electrical facials, cryo fat reduction, phlebotomy as well as a NHS hospital clinical pharmacist.

He has developed a method of PRP treatments using plasma, vitamins and then delivered to the hair follicles using a mesotherapy device for accuracy. 


Consultations are priced at £30 and this cost is deducted from your first treatment 

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are priced at £699 for a single session.


Each PRP Session Price includes

  • PRP treatment
  • 30 pack of Hair nutrition supplements (RRP £30)
  • interim hair mesotherapy treatment (worth £299)

Ask about our monthly payment plans to help spread the cost of ongoing treatments.

Bundle prices – £1850 for 3 treatments. Saving £247 when paid upfront. This includes

  • 3 bespoke vitamin PRP treatments
  • hair mesotherapy treatment 4 weeks after each PRP treatment
  • 90 day supply of hair nutritional supplements 

Call 02080880735 to book yourself in and reserve your offer.

"Amazing results on my thinning hair. Something I’ve been worried about for a long time and the quality of hair growth has been amazing since my treatment. Bhavash was approachable and understanding of my situation. Definitely recommend him and his services for everyone!"

PRP hair treatments V Hair transplant



Hair Transplant

For recently thinning hair



For long term bald scalp



For low to medium density hair



For very low density hair



Receding hairline



Surgery required



Pain level of treatment (1=low, 10= high)





3-9 months



At donor site

Risk of infection (1=low, 10= high)



Risk of complications






Suitable for women


Only in exceptional cases

Due to the availability of very cheap hair transplants in Turkey, those who would be very suitable candidates for platelet rich plasma treatments opt for major hair transplant surgery. 

Something that is not mentioned to hair transplant patients, is that to maintain a hair transplant, regular platelet rich plasma treatments are required to prevent the transplanted hair follicles from becoming weaker and ultimately dying itself.  Thus requiring further repeat hair transplants.

Repeated hair transplants also leads to loss of viable donor sites and further scarring.

We always suggest considering non surgical alternatives for hair loss before commiting to a hair transplant and complications they bring.

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