Skin Correction

“Tell me what you don’t like about your skin”.

Everyone is different so we have a variety of treatments to help solve your skin concerns. Your initial in-depth consultation covers aspects of your health, current skincare regime and how you want to improve your skin.

Skin Peels


We use both AlumierMd and Toskani skin peels at Wimblederm. We have chosen these two brands as they provide excellent results and are of a very high pharmaceutical quality.

All skin peels are priced at £150 for the face and neck. 

A course of 4 peels, 1-2 weeks apart is recommended to see good results. Courses of 4 peels are priced at £499.

 Find out more about AlumierMD skin peels – Click Here



Microneedling originally started as evenly spaced needles on rollers or a rectangular ‘stamp’. The success of these devices is highly dependant on the operators skill and experience of skin penetration. The  This manual method of creating tiny trauma to the skin has now given way to motorised pen needles.

The tiny traumas created by microneedling breaks down tired collagen and dull skin and accelerates the healing and production of new collagen and fresh skin. The results are plumper, even toned and rejuvenated skin.


We use a microneedling pen that allows accurate depth of needling and provides an even puncturing of the skin that produces excellent results for skin rejuvenation, softening scars and fading stretchmarks. A course of 6 treatments is recommended.

Full face £250 (course of 6 £1200)

Full face and neck £300 (course of 6 £1450)

Decollete £300 (course of 6 £1450)

Full face, neck and decollette £550 (course of 6 £2750)

Scar, Burns and Stretchmark treatment. Price on consultation dependant on size and type of scar or stretch marking.


Mesotherapy was developed by a French doctor called Michel Pistor in the 1950’s. Mesotherapy is a medical technique of injecting small quantities of medication under the skin.

We use the technique to administer peptides, growth factors and hyaluronic acid into the skin for skin rejuvenation. Depending on the cocktail of medicines we administer, we can treat wrinkles, pigmentation and dark eye circles. Courses of treatments are recommended for optimum results. 

Full Face £299 (course of 6 £1450)

Full Face and Neck £349 (course of 6 £1675)

Decollete £349 (course of 6 £1675)

Full Face, neck and Decollete £599 (course of 6 £3350)

Hair thickening £449 (course of 6 £2450)

Advanced Electrolysis


Bhavash is an expert in advanced electrolysis and is able to remove red facial veins, skin tags and facial milia.

Prices on consultation and start at £149.