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Spring Health Tips

It’s only a few months into a new decade and we have had a very extraordinary start to 2020. There has been a trio of fierce hurricanes back to back and abnormally high levels of rainfall resulting in destruction and widespread flooding. I began to wonder if we’d see any sunshine at all. Now we now have a worldwide health crisis. Spring 2020 will certainly be remembered for the wrong things. We need to take a very different approach to health this season compared to 2019.

When it is cold outside you can wear a few extra warm layers and a thicker coat. In the same way you need to add a few layers of fortification to your immune system. Forget stockpiling loo roll and pasta, these are my recommendations for a strong immune system and to fight off the effects of the change in season.

Vitamin C and Zinc

Think of this dynamic duo as the Ant and Dec of the immune support. If there were BAFTA’s for immune system support, vitamin C and Zinc would be heading home with armfuls of awards. Both work well on their own but like Ant and Dec they are much more powerful together. They bind to damaging free radicals effectively handcuffing free radicals and sending them directly to jail (the liver and kidneys for execution). With a strengthened immune system, should you fall ill, your symptoms are milder and the duration of the illness is less. There are many formulations available. I would find the ones with at least 1g of vitamin C in a prolonged release formulation or split the total dose into smaller amounts spread throughout the day to prevent any awkward tummy side effects. I particularly like ones mixed with bee propolis, also known as royal jelly, which has been known to fortify your immune system.

Locally Produced Honey

Something about bees. Not only does bee propolis help with your immune system, locally produced honey has traces of pollen from the plants and trees in your area to give you a natural homeopathic response to seasonal hay fever. The fresher the better. Buy small but fresh quantities of honey as the pollen released from different plants changes as the months change. This will help keep the sniffles and coughs at bay. If you don’t like honey, Vogel Pollinosan or Weleda Pollena are fantastic as general natural hay fever prevention and remedy.

Cooking With Healthy Foods

Right now is no time like any other to add some garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and turmeric to your cooking. These spices are well documented to have healthy immune system support by containing all the healthy vitamins you need. They also help control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Win win if you ask me. Simply add to pasta sauces, marinades and and where ever you feel you could add a little extra flavour. I wouldn’t put all 5 spices in all together but adjust to your personal taste. When I was a child my mum used to make a traditional Indian remedy for a cold that had turmeric and a little ginger in hot milk. A little honey to sweeten it and it’s a delicious memory of 7 year old me.

Top up on Vitamin D

Even though the sun is making a much needed return, it is quite likely that most of us will be deficient in Vitamin D which helps with our immune system after the winter. Try to get outside for some fresh air, and soak up some sunshine. Avoid the strongest midday sun and try to get about 15 minutes a day in the sun on bare skin to help naturally synthesise Vitamin D. If you want to take a supplement, I suggest D-Lux 3000unit spray for under the tongue. Mushrooms are naturally high in vitamin D if they’ve been grown under UV lights. There is nothing like being in the sun to make you feel good.

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