Why you need Mesotherapy at Wimblederm.

  • Perfect for the summer getaway and feeling good on holiday
  • Very fast results
  • antioxidants to help protect the skin 
  • Polypeptides and Hyaluronic acid for fast rejuvenation 
  • Radiance and improved skin tone 
  • Virtually NO DOWNTIME
  • Virtually PAIN FREE 

The treatments are usually priced at £229. Get the treatment for only £229 £79.

All you have to do to LOCK IN this price is click the button below and book yourself in directly to the booking calendar. You will need to be quick as the offer ends at midnight on 10th July 2024.

(P.S you can book more than 1 treatment and you can always reschedule your appointment if you’re not sure when you can make it)  

Feel as good as Denise did after her Mesotherapy session at Wimblederm.  

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