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Wimblederm Hair and Skin rejuvenation is the culmination of over 20 years of clinical pharmacy and medical experience blended with aesthetics and natural rejuvenation. Mr Bhavash Padhiar is a clinical pharmacist since 1997 and has worked in major surgical hospitals in the South East of England.


  • He has worked with top consultants in Haematology, orthopaedics, surgery and plastic reconstruction
  • Bhavash was trusted to manage the Chemotherapy production unit calculating dosages and assembling bespoke sterile chemotherapy in East Surrey for many years
  • Owned and grew the highly successful Clan Pharmacy on Upper Street in Islington, London
  • Owned and developed Amara Spa in Fulham and winning multiple awards along the way year in, year out

As humans we have a natural affinity with aesthetics and touch.  We find things attractive. Hair and skin has always been more than simple vanity. It can be beautiful, tactile and gives you your confidence and your own personal identity. Bhavash’s bespoke treatments look at thickening your hair and rejuvenate and tightening your skin to help you regain your happiness and confidence

Bhavash has extensive understanding of human physiology, dermatology and different skin and hair conditions. This is key to solving the problems of hair loss and natural skin anti ageing.

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